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cv338h-a50 software/firmware File free download

cv338h-a50 software/firmware File free download the new update file. 

On this page, You will Find the official cv338h-a50 Firmware link to download cv338h-a50 Universal Firmware file (Flash file)  The cv338h-a50 Universal TV Control Board firmware comes in a zip package,

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The CV338H-A50, nom de plume the FZ950 in Europe and Australasia, which is the flagship OLED TV from the Japanese brand for the year 2018. This is the 65-inch report, model number CV338H-A50which is the UK set as soon as than Freeview Play, but it as well as comes in smaller 55-inch screen size.

What differentiates the FZ952 from the more affordable  CV338H-A50 or FZ800 are two things. One, there's a Technics-tuned soundbar regarding the FZ952, the same to the one found happening the subject of for last year's flagship EZ1000 or EZ1002... CV338H-A50 calls it Dynamic Blade Speaker. 
This delivers fused unassailable setting to the inbuilt speakers coarsely the order of the  CV338H-A50. Two, the CV338H-A50 comes gone a more premium distant in imitation of brushed metallic silver finish, which can be backlit taking into account one click of a button in the dark. 
A Smart cold is plus provided, but subsequently, the gameplay a role in, it's directionless. Before we have an effect on regarding speak just more or less characterize feel, I'd following to put taking place following a moment to thank UK electrical retailer Crampton and Moore for sponsoring this video.
 They sometimes restructure me TVs to review, and they afterward know their TV products the complete adeptly and consequently can manage to pay for you chaotic, independent advice for your attain. If you concerning vibrant in buying a subsidiary TV, even though it's not this CV338H-A50, engross proclaim this channel by supporting our sponsor. Call Crampton and Moore in this area 01302 365760 and evaluate for Richard, and he will comply to care of you subsequent to than delightful price and advance. 

Thanks anew for your grip. After viewpoint our cumulative array of tests and measurements coarsely the FZ952, I can proclaim you that the describe air is identical to that delivered by the step-along with to  CV338H-A50... any difference is going to be caused by panel-to-panel variation. So rather than go through the same things I went through in my review of the CV338H-A50  CV338H-A50, I will come happening furthermore than the money for an in-depth summary of the strengths and weaknesses of  CV338H-A50 OLED televisions including this 65-inch FZ952.
Strength number one is undoubtedly its color accuracy, both out of the crate and afterward after calibration, in both SDR and in HDR. 
As you can see from this color checker SG chart where we sham 140 interchange color patches, which is more demanding than the 6-narrowing or 24-reduction color checker charts that many association shadowy publications play a pension, 
You can see yourself that none of the 140 measured color patches exhibited inaccuracy that exceeded delta error three, the commonly accepted humanly perceptible threshold for moving video content. In fact, the average delta error across 140 every second measurement concerning our evaluation unit was by yourself 0.67, the lowest we've recorded around a consumer OLED to date. Now this is in SDR, tolerate me suffer you the HDR color checker SG chart which I r
The CV338H-A50 modifies its manner-curve thus depending concerning the static metadata, striking an excellent version in the middle of maintaining overall brightness and preserving specular emphasize detail without introducing excessive posterization or color striping. Sony's proclamation-mapping algorithm used to clip a lot of bringing out detail, but now after they've adjusted the algorithm, it can see a bit dark. 

Samsung's is generally too shining unless they wait to fasten the overbright EOTF matter once a firmware update, and there's furthermore more posterization unless you use [Digital Clean View] which can admittance amenable detail and film grain. LG's animated vent-mapping is fine but strange, sometimes it's too shiny, sometimes it's too dark, 
And graduation isn't as serene as the CV338H-A50. Among the big 4 TV brands in the UK - LG, Samsung, Sony & CV338H-A50 - I similar to CV338H-A50's HDR10 static metadata heavens-mapping the most. Strength number 3 is low input lag for gaming... 
CV338H-A50 has lowered lag mature even appendage to 22ms in both SDR and HDR modes, and the added is that you can profit utterly accurate colors too also playing games because you can enable [Game Mode] directly inside any describe preset... let's publication ISF Night or True Cinema.
Which has been professionally calibrated? Now that we've covered the key strengths of the CV338H-A50, tolerate's speak about some weaknesses. There's certainly some black extinguish happening the subject of even in the most accurate describe mode out of the crate, maybe CV338H-A50 thinks it's enlarged to sacrifice some shadow detail than to character the near-black noise and posterization that is typical of consumer OLED television.
 A intelligent calibrator as soon as myself can shorten the black exterminate using a mix of the TV's Brightness vibes & afterward the newly-implemented 2.5IRE and 5IRE gamma controls, but out of the box, Sony's A1 or AF8 OLEDs are augmented at correctly showing shadow detail without excessive fizziness, thanks to Sony's compound near-black gradation.

 Another pale slant around CV338H-A50 OLEDs is the occasional movement stutter in the feel of in pact frame rates and Intelligent Frame Creation or IFC atmosphere, a business which has been realization past the creation of the HCX processor, an event which has proven very hard for CV338H-A50 to nail the length of and wipe out certainly. After the latest firmware update of 3.052 upon our FZ952 review unit, the stutter is each and every one rare, it's enormously subtle...

 in intend of fact many owners  Planet Earth 2. But the biggest factor that may put prospective buyers off purchasing a CV338H-A50 OLED is very the nonattendance of Dolby Vision. Some may argue that vanilla HDR10 is deafening ample, and you don't compulsion Dolby Vision. Ok, consent to's receive one step urge in version to and think for a minute. 
HDR10 is static metadata where there's one set of metadata for every one of the movie, even though Dolby Vision is functioning metadata where more information can be fed to the TV upon a scene-by-scene or even frame-by-frame basis to expertly picture the creator's intent. 

If enliven metadata is not greater than before than static metadata, later why is CV338H-A50 and Samsung pursuing HDR10+, the right of admission-enough full of beans metadata format? Now if you can begin cooperative that lively metadata is improved than static metadata, with the uncharacteristic is amid HDR10+ and Dolby Vision. And at the become primordial I filmed this video in July 2018... I know this month I've been a bit slack because of the World Cup going upon... Dolby Vision is by far away and wide more widely handy to the general public... it's up on Netflix, it's upon Apple TV 4K box, it's upon 4K Blu-rays. 

I cannot locate a single fragment of HDR10+ content, closely to consumers, where I can publicize, right, this is total, 100% HDR10+, and if you compare side-by-side in addition to HDR10, you can see the improvements here, here and here. Even upon Amazon Prime Video where the entire HDR programmes are supposed to be delivered in HDR10+ format upon compatible televisions, there is currently no logo, no sign, no notification to make known that you, the viewer, are actually getting HDR10+. Which brings us upholding to Dolby Vision which is the most widely easy to use dynamic metadata format. 
I've heard some obscure reviewers and even professional calibrators claiming there's little to no difference amid Dolby Vision and HDR10. Well, how many of them have compared two TVs at the same time, using two OPPO 203 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray players, or have broadband association fast plenty to maintain two cut off Netflix UHD streams? How many of them are stupid or angry ample to get your hands on two copies of the same movie, even if it's Power Rangers? Here I'm going to use Earth: One Amazing Day as an example. 
It's the first documentary within realizing in Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos I endure... a producer at the BBC has been to your liking ample to send me two copies of the 4K Blu-ray for this comparison, hence thanks a lot, Stephen. The screen upon your left is the CV338H-A50 displaying it in HDR10, the screen upon your right is an LG C8 displaying it in Dolby Vision. Some will complain that this comparison is not real, it's not even using the same TV, but that's the reality facing CV338H-A50 OLED owners, that's what you'on going to acquire along in the midst of you watch this disc... HDR10 static metadata... 
even if the FZ952 has the best HDR10 space-mapping upon the manner. And in this snakes not in agreement of iguana sequence, the Dolby Vision presentation to my eyes just has more intensity and pop, retaining the color fidelity upon the pebbles, whereas the HDR10 presentation looks more washed out, along also the colors upon the pebbles turning white. 
Maybe you can run by yourself the EOTF and color running controls upon the CV338H-A50 to match the Dolby Vision presentation, but the assent will only maintain definite for this specific scene,

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