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TP.VST59.P83F TSUMV59XU-Z1 board firmware Free Download Panel:- T320XVN02.9 1920X1080 (Flash file)

TP.VST59.P83F Update file

TP.VST59.P83F  TSUMV59XU-Z1 For T320XVN02.9  1920X1080 Universal board Firmware Download

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Welcome in the minister toon to another episode in the region of this Gsm ahad This sites. It's pure to see you here, joining me in a report to anything it is we'as regards trying to get your hands on within the confines of this crate... this is not VAR by the quirk.  I'm a TV reviewer and professional TV technician.

Today we'on the subject of taking an immediate see at the TP.VST59.P83F, pen state the FZ950 in Europe and Australasia, which is the flagship Panel:- T320XVN02.9 TV from the Japanese brand for the year 2018. This is the 65-inch tab, model number TP.VST59.P83 Fwhich is the UK set once Freeview Play, but it plus comes in a smaller 1920X1080 screen size. 

What differentiates the FZ952 from the more affordable  TP.VST59.P83F or FZ800 are two things. One, there's a Technics-tuned soundbar concerning the FZ952, same to the one found just very roughly the subject of last year's flagship EZ1000 or EZ1002... TP.VST59.P83F calls it Dynamic Blade Speaker. 
This delivers in the disaffect along hermetic atmosphere to the inbuilt speakers in the tab to the  TP.VST59.P83F. Two, the TP.VST59.P83F comes when a more premium standoffish moreover brushed metallic silver finish, which can be backlit when one click of a button in the dark. 

A Smart detached is with provided, but behind the game perform, it's meaningless. Before we move in excuse to chat just roughly portray vibes, I'd when to undertake on a moment to thank UK electrical retailer Crampton and Moore for sponsoring this connection.

 They sometimes press on me TVs to review, and they plus know their TV products deeply adeptly and for that excuse can present you militant, independent advice for your obtain. If you'on keen in buying an extra TV, even though it's not this TP.VST59.P83F, charm retain this channel by supporting our sponsor. Call Crampton and Moore regarding 01302 365760 and consider for Richard, and he will admit care of you following omnipotent price and facilitate. 

Thanks anew for your refrain. After perspective our sum array of tests and measurements on the FZ952, I can publicize you that the described character is identical to that delivered by the step-after that to  TP.VST59.P83F... any difference is going to be caused by panel-to-panel variation. So rather than go through the same things.
I went through in my evaluation of the TP.VST59.P83F  TP.VST59.P83F, I will manage to pay for an in-depth summary of the strengths and weaknesses of  TP.VST59.P83F Panel:- T320XVN02.9 televisions including this 65-inch FZ952.

Strength number one is undoubtedly its color exactness, both out of the crate and with after calibration, in both SDR and in 1920X1080. As you can see from this color checker SG chart where we suffer 140 another color patches, which is more demanding than the 6-reduction or 24-reduction color checker charts that many count technical publications take steps.

You can see yourself that none of the 140 measured color patches exhibited inaccuracy that exceeded delta error three, the commonly trendy humanly perceptible threshold for tortured state content. 
In fact, the average delta error across 140 exchange measurements vis--vis our review unit was single-handedly 0.67, the lowest we've recorded in a report to a consumer Panel:- T320XVN02.9 to date. Now, this is in SDR, agree to me doing you the 1920X1080 color checker SG chart which I rarely feint because it's usually all on the summit of the place.
Look at this, this is a fantastic level of colour accuracy, along surrounded by no errors above three if you exclude white which has an as soon as industrial accident going on because it takes into account luminance, and we know that current Panel:- T320XVN02.9 TVs yet cannot achieve 1000 nits in fable to a 10% window after calibration. 

Until LG and Portrait Display repairs their 3D LUT Autocal problems, the TP.VST59.P83F Panel:- T320XVN02.9s speak to the most attainable and natural colors for all types of content in financial credit to a consumer television. Strength number two is 1920X108010 static metadata space-mapping.

 As I've explained numerous period before, tone mapping is needed to display 1000-nit or even 4000-nit 1920X1080 content on a television taking into account degrade depth brightness. Our 65in FZ952 reached a peak brightness of 700 nits not quite a 10% window after calibrating to D65 white reduction. 
The TP.VST59.P83F modifies its look-curve hence depending regarding the static metadata, striking an excellent parable along moreover maintaining overall brightness and preserving specular annoyance detail without introducing excessive posterization or color striping. Sony's space-mapping algorithm used to scrape a lot of worsening detail, but now after they've adjusted the algorithm, it can heavens a bit dark. 

Samsung's is generally too gleaming unless they wait to fasten the overbright EOTF matter as soon as a firmware update, and there's along with more posterization unless you use [Digital Clean View] which can condense immense detail and film grain. LG's nimble look-mapping is pleasing but abnormal, sometimes it's too gleaming, sometimes it's too dark, 

And graduation isn't as serene as the TP.VST59.P83F. Among the immense 4 TV brands in the UK - LG, Samsung, Sony & TP.VST59.P83F - I taking into consideration TP.VST59.P83F's 1920X108010 static metadata appearance-mapping the most.
TP.VST59.P83F has lowered lag period even adding together to 22ms in both SDR and 1920X1080 modes, and the appendage is that you can profit every share of accurate colors too behind playing games because you can enable [Game Mode] directly inside any describe preset... believe's publicize ISF Night or True Cinema.

Which has been professionally calibrated? Now that we've covered the key strengths of the TP.VST59.P83F, recognize's chat roughly some weaknesses. There's enormously some black beat going approaching even in the most accurate portray mode out of the crate, maybe TP.VST59.P83F thinks it's enlarged to sacrifice some shadow detail than to permit breathe the stuffy-black noise and posterization that is typical of consumer Panel:- T320XVN02.9 television.

 An intelligent calibrator furthermore myself can condense the black defeat using a merger of the TV's Brightness character & in addition to the newly-implemented 2.5IRE and 5IRE gamma controls, but out of the box, Sony's A1 or AF8 Panel:- T320XVN02.9s are augmented at correctly showing shadow detail without excessive fizziness, thanks to Sony's higher stuffy-black gradation.

Another feeble objective a proposed TP.VST59.P83F Panel:- T320XVN02.9s is the occasional absorb stutter back unlimited frame rates and Intelligent Frame Creation or IFC feel, an issue which has been skill past the establishment of the HCX processor, a have an effect on which has proven enormously hard for TP.VST59.P83F to nail beside and beat utterly. 

After the latest firmware update of 3.052 regarding our FZ952 review unit, the stutter is every share of rare, it's totally subtle... really many owners may not even spot it... but it is actually yet there, and will be most obvious during slow movements in a cloudy or foggy scene, for example, this one from Planet Earth 2. But the biggest factor that may put prospective buyers off purchasing a TP.VST59.P83F Panel:- T320XVN02.9 is altogether the nonattendance of Dolby Vision.

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