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The TV board lamv29.bin. 4k HDR TV also known, as. the lamv29.bin II in. the USA is by far. the most requested review submitted. to this channel after much delay here it is finally hello everyone my name is Vincent EO and I'm a TV viewer and professional calibrator. and this is. the sony KD 65 xe9 number 5 which is. the 65-inch model within. the Braga lamv29.bin series for a mid-range model. 

It's fairly decently specced. with a directly LED backlight with full array local dimming. or FAL is native few HD panel resolution. of. the-160 P, as well as HD and support for HDR 10 and he shell G formats, compared. with. the step-up lamv29.bin 3 + XE 94 series. the Sony lamv29.bin lacks. the x1 extreme chipset and Dolby vision support but of course you'd have to pay more if you want these features on. the high-end models. the design itself is lovely.

The black bezel is slim and carries a brother inscription on. the top left corner and. there's also a two-tone side trim on a sony logo is found on. the bottom of the screen under which that's an LED illumination which you can choose to turn on or off. the panel sits on a rectangular central Podesta's. then with a brush metallic silver finish. 
The stand itself doesn't take up too much space at all so it's quite easy for you to place on a narrower AV rack for ideal cable management Sony has provided slot integrated within. the feet at. the rear of. the stand which is a fantastic idea. the connections are found behind. the left side of. the display although. there are 4 HDMI ports only. His divine inputs to entry support 4k HD are played by at higher bit depth or framerate note that.

The TV comes with an external power brick which you need to hide away but luckily. the connecting cables are fairly long let's talk about picture quality. the sony XE nightly or X 900 II which delivers panel with true RGB subpixels which deliver deep blacks by LED LCD standards. But a narrower viewing angle compared with IPS based LED LCDs

There alone plasmas and all ads using our own custom order test pattern consisting. a small white box crawling horizontally and. then vertically along. the edges of a black background we counted 5 columns and 9 rows giving us a total of 45 independently dimmable zones by.

The standards of most full array local dimming LED LCD televisions. these days this number is relatively low and Sony's algorithm favours minimising blooming or hollowing artifact overachieving in clear blacks so. the Bravia XD 90s affected black level won't be as deep as most FAL d LCD TVs.

  1. As you can see from this scene in. the data rises when Batman and Catwoman meet in an underground tunnel still if you sit directly in front of the TV. And use some gentle bias lighting.
  2. It's more than good enough even in a dark room colour accuracy is good after calibration so memory colours such.
  3. As skin tones, foliage and sky will look natural and realistic in his dr mode this IP 3 coverage was around 92% motion and video processing our traditional strong points are sony televisions and it's. the same case on. the Bravo XV 90 or X 900 E panning shots in 24 frames per second movies are as smooth as Michael Buble and sends me lubricating. each other.
  4. And you can achieve 1080 lines of motion resolution by setting motion flow to either clear or custom which involves a bit of backlight scanning which can make. The picture looks dimmer but. there's always enough reserve like the output from. the TV to compensate so this motion interpolation is generally considered to be.
  5. The best in a business introducing very little interpolation artifacts also opera effect in 24 frames per second movies. the LCD panel used on. the sony KD 65 xe9 double has a faster response time than. the used on. the 65-inch zd9 so that's remarkably little smearing or trailing.
  6. When an object is travelling across a light background screen uniformity. on our review sample was very good with no significant dirty screen effect or DfE although. the corners do appear darker very slightly as we have seen on all sony led LCDs in recent years we watched. 
  7. A ton of football with no complaints at all to test upscaling we had. the luxury of comparing. the sony x90 side by side against. the flagship d9 which features arguably. the best in TV upscaling of all time both TVs are 65 inches.

The lamv29.bin x900 ii did very well indeed on a 576i standard definition SMP TRP hundred feet has a pattern we could see that. the ZT 9 was just a tiny bit sharper and cleaner up close but from a normal viewing distance. 
They look essentially identical of course I'm just talking about upscaling. Here especially when you're watching high-definition content in HDR mode peak brightness.tsumv29lu firmware download on our Sony xe9 double over five review unit was 818 it's after calibration.

Which gives a pleasing HDR effect it's not as impactful as. The Sony X in 93 X 94 or z de.9 with higher peak brightness but. then again you're not paying as much as mentioned. Before Sony's local dimming algorithm favours keeping. the zones illuminated to reduce blooming or Halloween.
Artifacts so for example in. the opening credits from Miss Peregrine's Home for peculiar children probably. the most pronunciation unfriendly title for non-native English speakers like Vinnie. the blacks on. the entire background will look shallower than those generated.

The zt9 but. then again this is probably not a fair comparison since. the ZT 9 is a flagship HDTV with 648 zones and a price to match and. the lamv29.bin is only a mid-range TV with 45 zones taking price into consideration. 

I think the broader action ID actually does a very good job for ultra HD breweries. that contain specular highlights up to 4,000 needs. the Sony XE 90 will discuss some bright highlight detail to preserve overall brightness in its most accurate cinema pro pre said.

There is no standard photon mapping anyway and I can totally see Sony's point since such bright specular highlights are generally rare throughout an entire film but judging by how. the voting for. the HDR section went in our recent shootout.
The attendees seem to hit missing out on highlight detail which hurt. the scores of. the Sony's 89 and a 100 lat so perhaps. there's some rethinking to be done. there. the sony XE 90 or X 900 E is good for gaming with horizons erode on ps4 pro looking lush and detailed input lag measured 31 milliseconds in both 1080p SDR and 4k HDR boards which is different from. the Sony rx1 extreme TVs which exhibit higher lag if. the incoming video signal was 1080p rather than native 4k in summary.

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