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iphone 7 plus freezing

iPhone 7 plus freezing Problem Solution. 

iPhone 7 or an I phone seven-plus and basically.

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You have a frozen screen you cannot turn off your phone. or do anything we're going to give you two options to fix that right now. But the first thing is a lot of you guys are probably trying to do the two key. Combination the power button and the home button press down simultaneously. The thing is that's not going to work because that'll work for the iPhone 6.  Prior however with the iPhone 7 because. 

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You have a 3d button now it's going to take another key. The combination and that is going to be the power button and the volume down button. ok, so the first option is this we're going to go ahead and press power button volume down button. Press and hold ready 1 2 3 people hold and continue to hold until. You see the Apple logo so you should wait about maybe like 10 maybe 15 seconds.

Just wait for okay Apple logo. Let go and hopefully, this will boot your phone back in and everything is up and running however if it's not we're going to go to option number. Two give me one second. I left my phone boot back up alright so my phone is back.

iphone 7 plus freezing and restarting

Up now the second option is this is going to be the same thing the power button. And a volume down button but you're not going to press it simultaneously. What you're going to do is first is press down the power button press and hold wait 3 seconds.

And the press and hold the volume down button and then continue to hold in T see the Apple logo. So let's try that ready here is the volume the power button. First ready one two three power button. I'm going to wait for three now.

iphone 7 plus freezing after update

I'm going to press and hold the volume down button now hold both buttons down still waiting for the Apple logo. to appear there it is let go and hopefully, your phone is back up and running. I guess we'll have issued a couple of things that you can do as well comment below and if you subscribe share like that'd be awesome.

iPhone 7 plus freezing 2018 fix

All right so you have an iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 plus. And you have a frozen screen and you're trying to shut your phone off no matter. What you do you cannot turn your phone off you cannot reboot your phone. And the thing is you know with the iPhone 7 with the iPhone 6. Prior you had a special key combination.

iPhone 7 plus freezing how to solve. 

  • It was the power button and a home button you press simultaneously. To get it out of there and the thing is the iPhone 7 doesn't work with the two key combinations.
  • Using the power button and the home button it's a different key combination. Because of this new 3d button to have on the iPhone 7 so this is the first thing you should.
  • Try to do if you have a frozen screen and this key combination. Is going to be different it's going to be the volume the power button and the volume down.  Rocker and that's going to give that a try and. I'll show you exactly what to do so power button volume down button same time ready 1 2 3 press.
  • And hold press and hold continue to hold continue to hold it and T see. The Apple logo gives it a second. Here and you may have to try this a few times. There you go. I'm going to let go and now it's going to boot back into my up my iOS and everything. 
  • Should be up and run and if that doesn't work then you have other options. As well you can always plug your phone into iTunes and try to do like a recovery mode. Try to do an update if you can't do an update.

Then you have to do a restore but the restore you know you will lose everything so hopefully, you do have everything backed up anyways if you still need help just comment below and up you guys out and that's pretty much it hopes this works for you thanks for reading bye.

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