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Guys in this post-session I'm going to show you how to fix the update issue on your iPhone.  Whether it is iPhone se was saying or five so as you can see on your screen.  This is the iPhone in which you I quote is stuck on the black screen,  as you can see where I can see the iTunes logo so basically we need to go to our PC and download.

 How to fix ( connect to iTunes issues )

The iTunes software as you can see on your screen. I just downloaded and installed on my PC, so both the links are available in the description below so you can go there and download from.  There so I'm going to open this iTunes in my system.  Now we need to connect our iPhone to a PC using data cables.

connect to itunes ipad connect to itunes store connect to itunes iphone 4s connect to itunes iphone 5s connect to itunes online connect to itunes via wifi connect to itunes to unlock connect to itunes without cable connect to itunes ipod connect to itunes iphone 6s connect to itunes without passcode

We have and once you connect your iPhone with the PC.  You will see a pop-up like this contacting iPhone software updates server, and after this pop-up, you will see another pop-up you will see another pop-up with two buttons update and restore.  If you click on restore button then it will restore your phone.   And your old data will be lost and your iOS versions will be updated.

And but if you click on update button only update button then it will it will update your iOS version, but your old data will be safe so I just click on update button. it will show you another pop-up click on update button again, and now click on next now click on agree.  And it will start your downloading your update, downloading so size is about 2.3 4gb so it's too large okay.

connect to itunes mode connect to itunes iphone 5s fix connect to itunes server connect to itunes after update connect to itunes no computer connect to itunes disabled iphone connect to itunes account connect to itunes after screen replacement connect to itunes activate iphone connect to itunes apple support

So I gotta skip this step okay so now downloading process is completed, as you can see on your screen once downloading process is completed.  You just need to click on the update button, and after that, you will see a screen like this as you can see on the top of the screen extracting software.  Which is the status of the progress right now actually and now we don't need to do anything extra.

We just need to wait and watch, we just need to see the iPhone status and our PC iTunes software status. I am showing you my pc screen or as well as my iPhone status, so as you can see in my um in my iPod status.

connect to itunes a value is missing connect to itunes on a computer disabled connect to itunes apple connect to itunes button connect to itunes but no computer connect to itunes bypass connect to itunes but itunes doesn't recognize connect to itunes bluetooth connect to itunes but nothing happens connect to itunes black screen connect to itunes by wifi connect to itunes backup connect to itunes but already connected connect to itunes boot loop connect to itunes bluetooth iphone connect to itunes blue logo

That it's showing the progress bar which is completing its process, and and it will take two times.  I mean this process will be happy will be will be completed, two times and then you have one will be started so I am going to again show you my PC screen.  as you can see we status on the top of the screen preparing phone waiting for phone lets continuing. I'm telling you what I'm telling you again you don't need to do anything extra.
I just need to wait and watch don't do anything with you, I've won with your PC just wait and watch as you can see so now the second process will be started soon.  And it will be finished very fast basically, so this is the second one okay so now you will see the second process okay here.

 to bose soundtouch connect itunes to bluetooth device connect itunes to bose connect itunes to bank account connect itunes to bluetooth headphones connect to itunes crossword connect to itunes.com connect to itunes computer connect itunes to chromecast connect to itunes without computer connect ipad to itunes computer iphone disabled connect to itunes cara iphone wont connect to itunes computer cannot connect to itunes store

It is so it will be completed very fast, it will not take much time it's like before so now as you can see this is almost done.  And after this process, your phone will be started and you can make settings on your phone.  And you can go with it right okay so that's it from my side, guys hope that this post really helped you.  A lot if it really helped you please do share my channel and support me and yeah, please .........

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