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apple water damage

Hey, everybody, I'm here today to show you. how to save a water damaged apple water damage with rice so this apple water damage has not been damaged by water but I have used this exact same method to save my previous apple water damage. 

When it had been thrown into a pool and it literally worked perfectly so I'm gonna show you the process with this apple water damage, but just for the record, this apple water damage has not been damaged by water. so the first thing that you are going to do is take off the case from the apple water damage. if you have a case on the apple water damage so right here. I have a case of the apple water damage.

I would take it off just like this completely removed.it this case actually has two parts that has an outside part an outside hard shell and then sort of an inner soft shell so I'm gonna remove the case just like that the next thing. that you would do is remove the phone's backing and the battery now in this case. I cannot remove the backing.
  • I can't remove it easily, of course, there are screws, but I mean if you can slide off the backing and remove the battery.
  • Easily then that's what you would do but obviously in this case. I can't so if you can remove that stuff remove them the next thing that you are going to do is dry off all of the pieces. 
  • I said this phone actually isn't wet but if it was I would completely dry. it off just use a dry towel completely dry, it and also dry the battery and the backing and any other parts that you have removed.
  • Once you have finished.
  • That step you are going to get a container and fill it with rights just like this now the phone and the pieces .the other pieces with the phone should be submerged into the rice.

so make sure that you have a container that's big enough to fit the phone the battery. the backing and so forth and also fill it with enough rice so that the rice goes over. all of the parts so we are going to take the phone and put it inside the rice.

just like this just pretty much submerge it completely submerged. it in rice and the phone is completely submerged in the container. which is filled with rice and if I had a battery and the backing of the phone and so forth if, I had removed those pieces. 

I would also put them inside and the last and final step. is to get the lid of the container, and put it on top come to completely seal. the container so just make sure that the lid is complete. on top of the container and the container is completely sealed.
And now the rice will basically absorb the moisture from the phone. and the other parts that are submerged in the rice, and that will most likely save your phone from being water damaged now once. you have put the phone in the rice.

I recommend leaving. it in there for 24 hours but it all depends on how much water was inside of the phone. if for myself when I did this when I use this method with my last apple water damage. I left it inside for 48 hours and it completely. worked but for the most part 24 hour,s 24 hours should be more than enough to save.

Your phone from being water damaged so that's basically it that is the method. that I used to save my old phone from being water damaged. and I would highly recommend using this method for your phone. if it fell in the water and that's all I have for you today thanks for riding....... 

  • Just got exposed to water in this post. I'm going to show you the steps and precautions that you should take right after your phone is water damaged so the very first thing.
  • I recommend you doing is taking off your digitizer just taking your pentalobe screwdriver and lifting your digitizer up and after you've done that just go ahead and unplug your battery the reason why the first thing you should do is unplug your battery is because when there's water inside your phone.
  • The last thing that you want is a power surge so unplug a battery it's always the best route to go so for this video just as an example. 
  • I'm using an iPhone six-plus but this applies to any iPhones you still take the same precautions and steps so now the second thing that you want to do is you want to order a charge before this charge in here is super cheap you can get it for around 3 bucks free shipping.
  • On eBay or Amazon and also you want to order a battery it is either the charging port or the battery that is the issue so I recommend just buying both so as I stated earlier if your phone is not turning on after it's been water damaged it's either the charging port or the battery. 
  • I am going to show you how to replace both so let's start with the battery replace the battery replacement is the easiest repair out of the two so for me personally I think it's just easier to continue on the disrepair by removing my digital okay so now that.
  • I have the digitizer off I'm going to refer down to the bottom of my phone and I'm using iPhone six-plus for this example so I have three adhesive strips if you're using an iPhone 6 another 6 plus or 7 or whatever you'll amend to trick so you want to go ahead and refer down at the bottom of the batteries and carefully and slowly pull out each click so like I said you really want. to take your time with it and pull them out slowly because if you break one of those would be constricted halfway through you're going to have a real hard time picking the battery so now.
  • I've removed all of my sips I can easily just lift the battery out and put the new battery in okay now that you have your new batteries go ahead and put your digitizer back on your phone so now that you have your new battery in and your digitizer is on go ahead and try to power up your phone most likely your phone will power up but if not there is still a problem and it is most likely to charging port so that's the next repair we have to move on to so to figure out how to replace the charging port go ahead and click the link down in the description and there will be a detailed video on how exactly you need to do that so if this video helped you out go ahead and do me a 

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