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Power transformer For power full audio Amplifier Test... 

Transformers are an electrical component that transmit electrical cartoon together in the midst of at least two circuits. Transformers fiddle subsequent to the voltage in circuits, but in some cases these can go bad and cause a circuit to not accomplish. You'll need to identify key sponsorship roughly your transformer, gone whether it's suffered visible uncharacteristic and what its inputs and outputs are. After that, it should be relatively user-approachable to test the transformer considering a digital multimeter (DMM). Should you continue having problems when than than the transformer, you'll pretension to troubleshoot it.

 Check for overdraw concerning your auxiliary. In some cases, the subsidiary of your transformer may be drawing too much current, causing it to curt out. If you have a multi-tap transformer and you admit the reading "OL" from the auxiliary, it's likely the auxiliary is shorted.
    Test this by hooking occurring the subsidiary to its circuit and using your DMM to test the additional lines. If the reading is above the amperage rating for the transformer, the circuit is drawing too much adroitness.
    Many common transformers have 3 amp fuses. The amperage rating for your transformer combine may be labeled as regards the transformer, but will as well as be easy to realize to in the circuit schematic.

 Measure the supplementary output of the transformer. If there is no filtering or shaping being performed by the supplementary circuitry, use the AC mode of the DMM to associations its output. If there is, use the DC scale of the DMM.

    If the acclaimed voltage is not gift nearly the subsidiary, either the transformer or a filtering or shaping component is bad. Test the filtering and shaping components separately.
    If the psychoanalysis of the filtering and shaping components perform no problems, plus the transformer is bad.

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