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Samsung G935F Root File free Download 100% Unlock Succes

You install a custom recovery on your Samsung Galaxy Phone.  it's quite easy it's actually very simple. one quick prerequisite is that you must be rooted so if you are not rooted you. need to do so just click on the link in the below. and I have a full guide showing you how to
root it's very simple what you need to do is go ahead and go into the Play Store and install an app called goo. Manager you'll see I have it right there just google goo manager one word in the
Play Store and it should come right up go ahead and download and install. it it will ask for Super User permissions once.

You open it on up I'm going to hit remember choice forever because I do
trust this act and I'm going to go ahead and allow Super User permissions now. very simple it's a very simple process. just press the menu button and then go ahead and hit install open recovery. scripts and it says confirm recovery install go ahead and hit yes what it's going to do is find your specific image file you'll see there the last three. letters there before dot IMG say SPR that lets me know it is the sprint variant I will post a link in the Below where you can check each and every variant as you know it's downloading. the correct file you might want to double check that if you don't know what the file name should be but again I know this is the Sprint version of TWRP so it's going to insult work. which is what I recommend go ahead and hit yes and what it's going to do is take it to this site you can just go wait 10 seconds and wait for the download to automatically start all right so that screen went away and you'll see it as downloading right there

again. if you're not if you're on 3G it might take a little bit of time to download the file but once it's done downloading it should actually automatically install this recovery file and then you should be just about good to go all right you'll see installing recovery image. it says recovery has been installed so that should be just about it and it should be all you need to do to get TWRP recovery installed on your Galaxy s4 now to get back into recovery you can do it manually.

 you can just go ahead and to reboot recovery and hit yes and what. that's going to do is automatically take us into recovery if you wanted to manually reboot into recovery what you could do is power off your device press .and hold volume up home button power button all at the same time until that Samsung screen lights up and then you can let go of all three of them and it will take you back into that recovery. if you want to manually do it feel free to do so you'll see team win recovery booted. right up first thing I highly recommend that everyone does is making a android backup so just go ahead and press the backup button and then the three things you're going to want to backup you can uncheck cache is boot system and data you want to make sure you have all three. of those backed up then just go ahead and swipe to backup once it's done. if you ever want need to restore it just go to the restore button and you should be good to go so that's just about it.

it's a full touch screen recovery you can wipe here you can do a factory reset
there's an advanced white menu where you can wipe certain caches. you can multi-select and then you can also install zip from the install menu so you can go ahead and find them your roms your customizations you're ready to go so now you have a custom recovery and that's it so to reboot. just hit reboot system and then you should be good to go so my phone should reboot and you should now have a custom recovery in your Galaxy phone if you have any questions feel
free to ask leave a comment please subscribe to me I'd really appreciate it you can find Facebook Twitter and Google+ as Thanks.

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