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v56 Universal board firmware Download 1024X768,1280X1024,1366X768,1400X1050,1440X900,1600X900,1680X1050,1920X1080,1920X1200,1600X1200 (Flash file)

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v56 Universal board firmware Download

The TV board (on picture) have unic  updated TV tuner with any chip, thus it use new code (Universal board firmware ought to have in all model ), if is used code for recent form of board, then TV tuner not works within the slightest degree. With new code for R840, TV works amazingly clean and nice, with analog channels of cable network.

 it's like older board is created usually for 16:9 and 4:3 magnitude relation screens. there is not code support for various laptop's typical 16:10 relation screens (ex. no support for 1280x800) , this resolution is supported in another code pack added on prime of. However, i wont to be ready to notice Universal board firmwarefor 16:10 screens, unfortunate device wasn't operative with them .
    Firmwares unit of measurement delineated Universal board firmware

as seven key keyboards but it works in addition with 5 key keyboard. you will change connected keyboard kind, seven or 5 keys, in "service menu".

    Programming is unbelievably simple, we have a tendency to tend to ought to select correct .bin file and reproduction it to pendrive at root directory, Universal board firmware pendrive into USB, then plug twine, standing diode will created some flashes and computer code package upgrade is completed.

    Attention: usually, once playing with firmwares, if there be power cut/brake and flash will not finish programming, than the board become dead. To repair/fix the board, need to be reprogrammed SPI flash chip (small eight leg chip) in any external SPI mortal. To do that, we have a tendency to tend to ought to detach flash chip from board, Universal board firmware place it into mortal and program the .bin file what is placed at end of this page. once program, resolder kick in his place at board, the controller will become live, thus is possible to begin out programming over again.

How to fix many common problems with the sharp  54 inch or 60 inch or  inch TV. so what you're going to have to do is first try to unplug the TV. if you have an any audio video or infrared problems with the remote or even like app problems, with like Skype or something now what you want to do is unplug the power cord wait about one minute and plug it back in that's called hard reset. if it doesn't fix it then move on to the next step what you want to do is grab.  USB thumb drive like this one preferably over one gig you want to format .it before you do anything I'm going to select my F Drive right

Here. now I try to do the update with a

zip file that didn't work out so well .so what I'm going to have to do is let me go ahead write right-click the F Drive and then I want to format it today jr. all rights and then click on format and it's fat default quick format hit start format is complete. so there's nothing on the USB Drive next you want to go to sharp usa.com forward slash support type in your TV model number right here .hit enter alright scroll down and I'll say firmware and I'll tell you what the for firmware is for this is for the LC 

-   le    you just a TV model. and then there's two downloads no there's two downloads you get a read carefully .so this one is for serial numbers starting with  mine starts with the  so this is for the TV model. that is correct and serial numbers starting with  so that's correct so let's go ahead and hit download desktop. and save and it's going to take maybe a couple minutes to download all right the file is complete there's the file right here. go ahead and put it in actually you know. What I tried it with the zip file in it. And on USB Drive that was even formatted and I try to update the TV that way. didn't work out so well didn't even. recognize the file alright so now that. we have the update right here downloaded.  you want to right-click it and we're

going to extract it extract all and. browse a desktop and begin extract ok. boom it's done here's the file right here so what we're going to do is select. your F Drive so so select the F Drive right here which is your USB Drive and then let's move the actual file that you extracted over to the USB stick and it's about  megabytes so so long as your USB Drive is so I recommend getting a  gig USB Drive to download this  megabytes file update is complete X out of that and let's go ahead and unplug it and we're going to basically we're going to do is we're going to take this USB drive right here and we're going to plug it into the TV with the power cord off then put the power cord plug it in and

then hold the power button down and then. it should recognize and toggle the. update alright by the way if you have an inch TV

you only have to take the right panel. off to get access to the main logic board alright so if you did the hard. reset and you did the factory restore reset and that didn't work well next. we're going to try the firmware update if that does not work then you can replace this main launch board at.so you just basically squeeze that these. sides and remove.Universal board firmware this off all these or pinching pull cables this one also as well this is a. pinch and then you wiggle that off very. easy to remove and just a bunch of thes

screws right right around here very easy. to replace so we're going to take the USB so you want to unplug the power. first take the USB Drive and plug it in. 

Right here take the power cord plug the. TV back in hold the power button down right here alright so you hit that menu. button then if you hit volume up and volume down on the TV you move left and right I'm going to go to information hit. Universal board firmware the input button when you hit the input button on the TV that is select then. channel up and channel down will move you up and down on the menu your channel down then hit the input button again to. select the software update to begin an update make sure the USB drive is lit up  make sure the USB Drive is lit up if not. then something wrong with the USB Drive or there's something wrong with the. Universal board firmware power on the main logic board then you want to select input again manual update and continue hits the input again to. select and this this is a message you'll see on the screen that's how it knows it recognizes the update then you want hit. input again to select now you want to press the volume buttons on the TV to. toggle left and right I'm gonna choose yes alright so once it hit the input. button to select it will begin updating system software has been updated. successfully hey input to continue……

 If you want download all firmware file please go to google Drive

Google Drive  Download 

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