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How to Reball Mobile IC Dead Phone Solution.

I want to show in This video how to reball the mobile IC. This video is just for the new people who want to learn the work.This is a very simple job.I have shown very well in the following video how to rib the IC on the mobile.

Reball mold and ic

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"IC reboiling " caused by the formation - of brittle inter - metallic layers Pad cratering, it's the house left vacant once a BGA ball pad lifts off the cicurite. All of those ar caused by the solder researching such a large amount of thermal cycles owing to the dearth of warmth dispersion, merely place the solder spheres ar too previous and are through an excessive amount of. "The affects of thermal athletics on BGA packages have raised since rules were place into place regarding shopper electronic and also the use of Leaded solder. This meant that each one shopper electronic things should solely use nonleaded solder that is far additional brittle and suffering from thermal athletics. thus commutation the solder is that the best route, conjointly to scale back the harm every thermal cycle causes we've got fancied a conductor modification to scale back the run heat of the GPU by half-hour. Not all BGA Package IC’s are often Reballed, this is often owing to the dimensions and thickness of the BGA IC’s. " To reball a personal IC you'll grasp the pattern of the array, the dimensions of the solder balls. Then you'll would like a stencil, replacement solder balls and a reflow station. you'll conjointly would like the right temperature guide to make sure a correct reball. I think about this somewhat of associate degree art. It will need countless apply, information and also the right tools to reg it accomplished. Hope this helps, good luck

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