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How to mobile ic replace and flash.

How to Use a Reballing Kit Easy ways. 

Step 1 . Desolder and take away the BGA IC from the PCB.

Step 2. Currently clean the solder from very cheap of the IC and also the PCB wherever the IC was   soldered.

Step 3. Use a hand tool and desoldering wire or wick.

Step 4.  Currently choose the correct size of the IC looking on the amount of balls from the stencil furnished with the kit.

 Step 5.  Place the IC on the stencil and tightly hold it with the stencil victimization clip or tape.

Step 6. currently apply solder paste from the opposite aspect of the stencil. Solder paste can follow the IC through the little holes within the stencil.

 Step 7. Currently apply hot air victimization SMD work station. this can solidify the solder paste and it'll type solder balls which will follow the IC.

 Step 8. Currently clean the IC with solvent or IPA resolution and take away it from the stencil.

 Step  9. Currently the BGA is prepared to solder back to the PCB. this is often done by putting the IC on the PCB and applying heat.

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