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How to change IMEI number in MTK IMEI REPAIR CHANGE WRITE ANDROID By Piranha box

IMEI number or International Mobile Equipment Identity is a  serial or identification or serial no of a mobile and Phone. It is a 15 digits unique number of a mobile. You can see it on your phone, below your battery or in your phone s packing bin then. This number can relief you to prevent your phone monster used by someone else if the phone is aimless and got by someone else, or stolen. But sometimes, we way to bend android IMEI number of our mobile.

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Now, the ask is Why there is mannerism to adjust android IMEI number??? If you can adjust android IMEI number, in addition to your devices identity will be distorted. Some of the applications asks for your IMEI number to spread your phone. That means you cant use the related application as well as than-door-door times in your phone. But by changing your IMEI number, you can use that app anew.

You can check your android IMEI number in your phone by dialling (*#06#). You will improved endorse more or less importance of changing it in below section.

Video Tutorial.

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Why you dependence to fiddle when android IMEI??

We all know that nowadays Google Play-totaling provides us a lots of applications. Some of the apps pay us money for downloading the apps and for referring that app to our partners. But gone someone tries to regarding download the joined app that you have already downloaded in the in the to the front moreover the app will not pay you for this. Because the app profit this information of your downloading through your android IMEI number. So, to profit more profit from those apps you can fine-air android IMEI number. Not on your own this, changing of IMEI android number can promote you in many ways.

Sometimes your device shows you SIM error, in imitation of canceled Sim or etc. This misery occurs due to your damaged IMEI number. So, In this article I will make you understand that how can you repair or alter android IMEI number??

Change android IMEI number:
Friends, here I will designate you two methods to fine-mood your phones IMEI. First of all, You obsession to root your android device. And considering you successfully root your mobile, later follow adjacent steps that are obstinate knocked out.
After rooting your android mobile device, you have to install Xposed installer app in your device (partner unmovable below in the article). After downloading the Xposed installer app successfully and past upsetting upon the steps, just have a see almost the basic requirements you dependence to regulate android IMEI number.
Steps To Change IMEI Number In Android Phone With Root
Before proceeding toward adjacent steps, first of all you have to make it certain that your Android mobile is rooted and Xposed framework is installed in your device. If these requirements are fulfilled by you, therefore, you can touch in the region of to postscript steps. This method can pretense upon each and every one android versions, even upon Marshmallow (6.0+) device plus. Hence, permits dread upon the steps symbol.

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